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Summary of Products and Services -

   Workshops -

     Mastering Lean Product Development Workshops -
          We offer several versions of this hands-on interactive workshop, all of which focus on achieving dramatic         reductions in time-to-market and product cost, while expanding project capacity and team productivity.         Available in one, two, and three-day formats, and customizable to your firm's specific needs.

    Lean Product Development "Visioning Event" -
          A one-day overview of Lean Product Development (LPD) processes, tools, and methods, designed to help a         firm understand the benefits of LPD, and to create a company-specific plan for implementation of the most         beneficial concepts. This Event is a highly interactive "conversation" about your firm's specific problems,         challenges, and opportunities, with the goal of creating a "vision" for your future-state new product development         process.

     Facilitation of Lean Product Development Events -
          These are kaizen-like events that enable immediate and measurable improvement to your current development         process, resulting in significant gains in speed, profitibility, and quality. Available in one, two, and three-day         formats, these Events apply LPD tools and methods to a specfic project within your firm, yielding both valuable         learning and immediately useful results. Our current offerings of customizable LPD Events include:

          • The Market Requirements Event

          • The Project Planning / Risk-Mitigation Event

          • The Learning Cycle (A3-based Problem-Solving) Event

          • The Design 3P (Cost / Quality Optimization) Event

          • System / Design / Process FMEA Event

          • Design Review and Freeze Event

     Train-the-Trainer Packages -
          All of our workshops are available in licence-based train-the-trainer packages. The packages can be customized         to your needs, ranging from turnkey, do-it-yourself "kits" to comprehensive cascaded-deployment programs.         Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Consulting and Mentoring -

       We offer a complete spectrum of consulting and mentoring services in support of your lean product         development and lean cost reduction initiatives. Our services include:

          - On-site Assessment of Your Current Process and Identification of High-Impact Opportunities
          - Lean Product Development and Lean Cost Reduction Planning and Implementation
          - Company-Specific Training Material Development
          - Training and Mentoring of Your Internal Lean Improvement Specialists

          - Facilitation of Lean Product Development and Lean Cost Reduction On-site Events

Books and Videos -

        We offer a complete set of books and videos to support your Lean Product Development improvement         initiatives, including the bestselling Mastering Lean Product Development, several practical, team-based         LPD Guidebooks, and Building a Project-Driven Enterprise, all developed by our founder, Ron Mascitelli,         PMP.

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        Achieving a low-waste, high-velocity product development process is the most critical step in maximizing your firm's revenue and profit potential. We offer a comprehensive system for waste elimination in new product development that has been successfully deployed by dozens of firms spanning virtually every sector of manufacturing. At the heart of our methodology is an Event-Driven Lean Product Development process that enables the fastest possible time-to-market, while ensuring high-value collaboration and optimal cost / quality. This process seamlessly integrates a set of powerful and easily implemented time-saving and cost-reduction tools that allows your design teams to maximize speed while simultaneously slashing manufacturing cost. Whether your interest is in personal learning (books and videos), team training (public & on-site workshops), or implementation consulting, mentoring, and train-the-trainer programs, we have the resources you need to gain immediate and significant results. Enjoy your visit to our Lean Product Development Resource Center.






























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