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Client Reviews

"The lean collaborative tools that Ron offers are easy to implement yet extremely effective. We instantly saw efficiency gains in our product development process. The cross-functional customer-focused approach of Event-Driven Lean Product Development dramatically improved our time to market."
Paul Leech
Engineering Manager, New Product Development
Briggs and Stratton Corporation

"Working with Ron and using the processes and tools in his book has been a very rewarding experience for us. We have been able to customize his methods and tools to our culture and our professional services business and not the other way around."
Tim Weyenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Foth Companies

"Ron Mascitelli's real-world engineering experience, clear writing style, and pragmatic approach to the complex and multifaceted subject of Lean Product Development has helped our business accelerate the implementation of a robust New Product Introduction process. He has compiled a very useful and efficient set of development and design tools, allowing us to select and implement the appropriate approach to meet the needs of our business."
Michael Oberlander
Vice President, Lean Sigma Transformation
WMS Gaming, Inc.

"Ron is a practitioner of the highest order in communicating and applying processes to improve product development. We have found his ability to combine theory with practical tools and processes that work, to be unique."
Njal Pettit/Lars Ploug-Sorensen
Senior Directors, Product Development Program
Danfoss Corporation

"Ron Mascitelli provided the motivation to energize our New Product Development process around multidiscipline, co-located platform teams equipped with a new tool box of lean values. Results from these teams included zero slippage for 12 new successful product launches. Cost, quality and performance metrics were all exceeded. Coupling the voice of the customer with a focused discipline to drive out waste and simplify at every stage allowed us to deliver an accelerated product portfolio at a significantly lower investment. Unburdened from waste, innovation flourished."
Jon W. Simons
Vice President of Technology
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley

"Ron Mascitelli has been instrumental in Parker Hannifin's quest to transition our 90-plus operating divisions toward "Lean New Product Development." Over an 18 month period all of our key operating division staff managers participated in a symposium facilitated by Technology Perspectives. The feedback and results associated with this major corporate program has exceeded our expectations. Our divisions' response has been extremely positive!"
Nick Vande Steeg
Senior Vice President and Operating Officer
Parker Hannifin Corporation

"Ron Mascitelli's lean toolbox is instrumental to Boston Scientific's movement toward a highly efficient and effective product development business model. We have found the methodologies easy to implement, and the results to be lasting and highly measurable. Most importantly, Ron's techniques are ready made to be culturally embedded at all organizational levels.""
Philip Ebeling
Director - Program Management
Boston Scientific Corporation

"The genius in Ron's approach is that it is centered around simplicity and pragmatism that helps transcend the reader to a holistic view of their business; all accomplished at realistic levels of resource investment. I would recommend this approach for companies with little or no resources all the way to the 10,000 pound gorillas of industry, it just works."
Nicholas Phillips
Senior Design Engineer
The Volvo Group

"By incorporating the principles and techniques taught by Ron, we have been able to substantially increase the percentage of development programs that are on-time and on-budget, all the while decreasing technical and schedule risk and providing the customer with what they want. Ron's techniques have really worked!"
Ralph Wilcox
Engineering Manager, Product Development
Cobham Mission Systems Division

"At Goodrich Sensor Systems our New Product Introduction (NPI) process adopted the Lean Product Development tools taught by Ron Mascitelli. Not only did we make dramatic improvements in development cost, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction, but we created a positive culture of removing waste in the entire NPI process. After completing Ron's training, each class member helped identify the tools that would have the highest impact on the success of our programs. Goodrich institutionalized these top ranked tools into our NPI process and due to direct employee involvement had the critical mass required to sustain an organizational cultural change."
Tim Matuseski
Engineering Director
Goodrich Sensor Systems